Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Popsicles! (and my take on Costco!)

Take a look at Marly and Dean enjoying Edy's all fruit pops on the new bench (and geraniums) from Costco in the front of our house! I have to admit, this $44.99 wrought iron bench is one of my FAVORITE new home purchases. The kids love to play in the front yard so it has become the perfect spot for me to perch and enjoy and reflect...

As a side note, anyone who knows me also knows I also LOVE Costco. I am a devoted shopper not only because of their prices, selection, and pleasant culture, but also because they are an AMAZING CMN sponsor to our hospital. This year in the one month of May they raised over $55,000 for us. They are one of my sponsor accounts, so I spent LOTS and LOTS of time there these past 30 days. I did NOT purchase the popsicles at Costco, but they now have the Mott's 100% fruit juice no sugar added freezies back in stock for summer, so I will be buying those on my next visit.


Nicole Mages said...

Wow, Amazingly enough these pictures actually made me REALLY want an Edy's fruit popsicle!!! I so enjoy reading your blog!!

Anonymous said...

I saw that same bench last week and was going to pick it up yesterday BUT my day was cut short with everything that went on with Katelyn.

Love it. Cindy

Mary in MN said...

They so look so yummy (the twins, not the popsicles LOL). They are just too cute!

Oh, and I had a wonderful time with Costco while it lasted. It was a lethal place for me to say the least... love the produce, the meat (we LOVED the brats they had) all of the office/furniture (we even bought our leather chairs and ottomans there!). Eventually, though I let my membership go because of the long drive we have to get there in the first place. Once in a while in the cities the boys will ask if we can go eat at Costco LOL.


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