Monday, June 29, 2009

Women and Children ONLY

Friday our friend Amy Chausee called for a simple supper time gathering of gals pals and kids at her home. Come with your kids and a dish to pass in hand. No men allowed. If you were a boy and didn't need your mommy to dish up your plate, you were not welcome.

Clothing optional since the kiddy pool was out.
Whose driving that thing!

Angie exclaimed while holding Vivi, "Everywhere I turn there are wheels and diapers!"

William Chausee, the oldest male in attendance. Will came up and asked me why Marly was so chubby. I told him it was because she steals all Dean's food, and that is why Dean is so skinny!

Cale Braid pushing his wheels. Dean way in the back harrassing the dog.

Marly with Audrey Chaussee. Giddy up!

Thank You Amy for hosting! Amy had flown in from a work trip in Kansas City that morning, then spent much of Friday at her office! WOW. Super friend/mom!

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