Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where's My Popcorn Bowl?

Mark and I recieved the popcorn bowl below as a wedding gift. It is no secret I have an addiction to air popped popcorn. After I lost a bit of weight several years back, it became a FAVORITE bedtime snack of mine. Every time I would make popcorn, Mark would say, "Where's my popcorn bowl?" It was his joke, because the bowl was stored in the garage of our tiny townhome on a shelf which was difficult to get to. There was no room in the kitchen, so it collected dust.

After a washing, the bowl has finally found use at our new home.

The bowl (seem on countertop above) now resides behind the curtain, inside of my pantry large enough to step inside!

It's the little things in life!
Look, our Aurthor Court gets the shelf all to itself below the bowl.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yay! The pantry looks like how I left it a couple weeks ago. Labels facing forward-- good job, A! You make a Type A girl proud!


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