Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jazzing it Up! Basement bathroom

Do you remember in April when I blogged about our basement bathroom paint color delemia, and our various sample pots before going for the same color as our bedroom...

This post???

Well, way back in APRIL, just after the post, we finished JAZZING up our basement bathroom. (Finally saying good-bye to the sherbet stripes.) I never got around to posting. But when I was taking pictures Monday morning for my weekend project post, I snapped a few photos of the bathroom as well. As usual, we still need art, and possibly some shelving still to come.

-The shower curtain (with owls and trees) is from Target. Perhaps you will recall the shower curtain inspired/dictated the paint color.

-The rugs are super cheap-o from Ikea. The small one by the shower is actually cut in 1/2. We had the same ones in orange!

-The white ceramic owls were purchased on line from West Elm in a post-holiday clearance sale, with some sort of bonus coupon I had received. They were on back-order. I had completely forgotten about them when they arrived just as Mark finished painting. A perfect fit.

-The mirror is from Home Goods. (Two prior purchases were returned and didn't fit the bill. The third time was the charm.)

-The light fixuture is the room original. It didn't match the hardware before or after the "jazzing".

I shot her up with several coats of Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. There is nothing like a $7 can of O.R.B paint for a CHEAP, super easy, classy enough make-over! The former silver shower curtain got a few coats too.There you have it...

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Nicole Mages said...

I have the same shower curtain in our downstairs bathroom!! Very nice, you are soo good with decor and DIY projects!! I would NEVER think to get a can of that spray bronzing stuff, heck I wouldn't have even known they made it! Good for you, looks great!


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