Monday, July 4, 2011

Dean's First Twins Game!

Saturday Dean got to go to his first Twin's game with Daddy. A long time back, Mark recieved 2 Caribou seats for this past Saturday. Because there were only two tickets, and I admittedly don't care about baseball besides the excitement of the awesome venue and crowd, I took Marly to the lake instead.

My boys had a fabulous time. They took the train (Northstar Commuter Rail) from Fridley and sat right behind first base. Dean caught a foul ball (or rather one fell at his feet). Little Man ate ice cream, a hamburger, popcorn, cheesecurds, and two bottles of water. It is a good thing there weren't four tickets, because Mark spent nearly $50 with just Dean, and no beer!

Mark sent these from his phone, thus the minature size...

After, we all met up at Vivi Lyon's Dora the Explorer 3rd Birthday Party in south Minneapolis, then headed back to Brett and Rachel's to continue the holiday weekend festivities.

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