Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Projects

After a FANTASTIC Friday afternoon at Lake Nakomis beach with Jenny, Viv, and Ian Lyons... followed by pizza in the Lyon's backyard, it was time to set to work on some house projects on Saturday and Sunday.

As I have mentioned, we had water in our basement some time back. We have corrected our sub-pump issues. Saturday I cut up and hauled out the remainder of the damaged carpet. Sunday Mark ordered new....

... And in the midterm - here is our DISASTROUS family area. (above)

...And the future rooms of Marly and Dean. (below)

Mark spent the weekend adding a second coat of paint to the lower level rooms (which use to be a guestroom,which was really storage, and an always messy toy room).

Both kids have a section of magnetized wall with chalk board paint. Three coats of the magnetic paint is suggested, and Mark is on oil based coat number two. A coat of black chalk board paint will go on top of that.

Sunday, Nana and Papa took the kid's shopping for their bedding (as promised for their birthday). While we had lunch at the Good Earth and headed to Pottery Barn Kids for butterfly and dinosaur bedding, Mark stayed home and painted the inside of the closets, etc.

The Twinners have been talking about and anticipating their dino and butterfly rooms for MONTHS, and they are finally beginning to come to fruition. We hope all the hype will lead to an easy transition to the lower level, and apart from one another at the end of August....

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