Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Twinner's Water Ski - 4th of July

Since the bitter cold of this past winter, Brett has been talking about getting the Twinner's on skis. Mom's response, "Sure you can try... Go for it. But you can't force it, and if they don't want to then we are done."

We have all been talking up the activity for months. So this past Sunday while the boys watched baseball, the girls headed to the lake. I told Marly this was her chance! She was wary, initially said "no", but asked to try once we were out on the water. Brett had borrowed kiddy training skis. She put on the skis and held the rope. Brett gently propelled the boat forward....and she got a face full of water. After sputtering and getting the water out of her nose, she nodded she would try again. This time wise Auntie Rachel re-evaluated the situation, and had Marly hang onto the barefoot poll. She was off and running. She skied around the lake with a smile, before Brett reeled her in, without even a dunk.

Okay... okay... so this doesn't constitute skiing, but we are all proud of her, since she is just a pre-schooler!

Monday, the 4th of July was Dean's turn. Marly cheered him on and encouraged him from the boat.

And he's up!

After Dean's FOURTH request to ride on the poll (and after Marly took another turn) Instruction Uncle Brett said it was time to graduate to the ROPE! It's true.

Dean got ready and Mark held the rope from the boat, which is how the kiddy skis work. (When the kid goes down, the parent releases the rope.) Mom tried to help him from the water, like I did with the pole, but after two attempts, it was a no-go. Dean was NOT giving up though. Brett gave Mark the quick tutorial on driving the boat, Brett took the in-water position, I held the rope...and he was off!

It was amazing. He couldn't stand up, but he went well around the lake with his knees bent. There are no pictures, because everyone was doing their part and unable to grab the camera!

Okay.. Okay.. I am a really proud parent. Mark too! They were both brave, tried something intimidating and scary, and didn't give up!

When they are 60 and still sking like Grandpa David, they can say they have been doing it since they were 4.

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