Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July - MORE pictures

Marly and Dean on the dock at Brett and Rachel's house. Me - Soaking up the Vitamin D. Yes I will put pictures on the blog even when I am NOT cute!


Brett and I getting Dean ready to ski from the boom.

Rachel enjoy a fun summery blended drink (non-alcoholic. Sweet girl mixed up something stonger for the rest of us.)

After hours on the lake, and another 20 minutes convincing Marly she had to get back in the boat and couldn't swim forever, we came back to play croquet.

Dean was a BIG TIME cheater!

Siblings. Andrea and Brett - Rachel and Sarah

After all that sun....we headed home, rested a bit, then walked up the street to see the AWESOME fire works hosted by our neighbor's - The Schmitz. I thought the kids might not make it. Silly me. They started bouncing around just after 9, couldn't contain themselves at 9:15, then insisted on riding their bikes the 6 house distance because it would be faster!

THANK YOU BRETT and RACHEL for having us.

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