Monday, August 1, 2011

Hanging with the H-we's

Our agenda for the past weekend - Spend time with the H-we's! It had been too long. Saturday we headed up to their house, grabbed Subway, and arrived in time for lunch.

Next up, soak up the sun and make the most of the waste deep creek and steamy weather!

The kids started out playing on the beach (created from sand loaded from somewhere else on the Schendzielos property). Then we started pulling weeds, and created our own mini "lazy river". Now let's get this party started!

Life is too good!

Dee (Gretch's mom) took this photo from the back deck of her house overlooking the winding creek and covered bridge.

The simplest moments can be the happiest moments.


Next P decided it was time to get to work gathering the creek weeds onto the beach.

I need help here!

Get more! Get more!

Bigger, Bigger!

Meanwhile, the mom's did this....

...and the pile grew.Next there were clam shells to gather.

And some sort of competition between the boys and the girls.Eventually, the sun began it's dip in the sky. Gretchen had headed up to the house to prepare a delicious supper of pounded, marinated, seasoned chicken breasts and plenty of fresh garden vegetables with herbs. I am sure I have mentioned Gretch is a fantastic cook.

Oh, and of course there is ALWAYS the golf cart, and a ride... or two.. or three. Early and late.

Sunday morning the kids went out to play - shoeless, in their PJ's. No time for breakfast at first. Gretchen and I headed to her neighbor's/relative to purchase farm fresh eggs - two dozen for the Thomberg's please. We made a detour to the antique boutique in Clear Lake before heading back to the house.

And then, it was time to moosey back to suburbia... and TAKE A NAP!

All I can say is this has been a GLORIOUS summer. I am not complaining about the heat and humidity, instead...I am embracing it, and loving it.

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