Friday, July 1, 2011

My Dad

My dad rarely e mails me. He has no real reason to e mail his daughter. We talk on the phone and see each other often.

This morning I had a fun e mail from my Dad waiting for me.

A photo with message -

I skied last evening. Can you post this on your blog.


I am delighted to post this, for sure. My response via the blog -

Sorry the photo isn't larger Dad. Next time send it as a .jpg.


Love, Andrea

P.S. - Brett is our family's ski junkie. He hopes to get Marly and Dean on skis this summer. My Dad would like to get 3 generations up at one time. I feel comfortble predicting that won't be happening any time soon unless Brett straps his babe on himself in late August....

Of course, all of this would be quite post-worthy as well.


JennyF said...

That's awesome! Love that he wanted you to share with the world. :-)

Have a great 4th, Andrea. It was great to see you this past week!

Anonymous said...

Andrea, tell your Dad that he is putting us all to shame. Good for him! I think that David, Bonnie and Chuck all still try to get up on skies yearly...I think that they want to see who can last the longest, before age catches up with them. I left that up to your generation many, many years ago. I really enjoy reading your blog. It brings back so many great memories of family fun and I have enjoyed watching the twins grow. Joey


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