Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring = Paint

Wondering what the Thomberg's have been up to lately.

Painting. Yup.. spring is here and we find things to paint.

Oh wait a minute - actually we find things to paint year round. If you follow this blog, you know we have lived in our home for nearly 2 years. In those 2 years, Mark has painted EVERYTHING except two downstairs bedrooms.

We still haven't painted those rooms, but it is on the docket for this summer as we transition the kids to their own room downstairs. But, we have started OVER on some rooms. If you keep a score card, the downstairs family room (now the color of our upstairs bathroom) is on round two, as is our bedroom.

The downstairs bathroom has also gotten a re-do recently. First go around, it was painted in sherbet orange stripes. When we picked the colors, the Lowe's paint guy chided our choices. Turns out he was right. After about three months with the stripes, I felt like some kid threw up a Schwann's Push-Up pop all over the walls.

We have since decided to move on to some shade of blue.

Mark did a full coat of the blue on the far left below. Then I found the perfect shower curtain at Target, and decided I didn't like the blue. We stopped at Menard's for a sample size of a new hue. I went back two days later for 2 more samples. In the end, we decided on the same blue from our bedroom. All those pots of paint, only to choose something we already had! Yup, that is how we roll with paint around here.
I have looked, and simply can't locate a photo of the orange bathroom. I wish I could have. It was wild. Of course Mark jumped right into the work prior to a "before" shot.

While Mark was rolling inside, I was spray painting outside. Spring DOES = SPRAY PAINT! I LOVE spray paint. Oil-rubbed bronze is my new favorite. More updates to follow.

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