Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Kid's Weekend

Last Friday, Kelly picked up the kids for a weekend away at her house! The kid's LOVE their weekends with Kelly and Pat! As we have come to expect, they jump in her yellow car as soon as Daddy gets the car seats in, and they are rearing to get out of our drive. Cheese!

They spent time at the park.

They spent time at the Forest Lake beach.

They got pillow pets for when they sleep at Auntie Kelly's.

They spent time loving on their very dear auntie. Being their nanny for more then a year has created a TIGHT bond with these three!

Thank you Kelly!

While the kids were away, Mark and I had dinner at Heartland in St. Paul and attended my cousin Karin Holt's wedding to Martin (from Sweden). The ceremony in Hudson and reception at the St. Paul Hotel was lovely, touching and memorable with the Norwegian and Scandanavian influences.

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