Monday, July 18, 2011

This and That Weekend

The Thomberg's have been going from fun event to the next every single weekend so far this summer... so this weekend we took the high heat as a chance to chill out.

I kicked off the weekend with a late afternoon pedicure on Friday with my dear friend Jess in Uptown. Nothing like some girl time and relaxation. I got home just minutes before our Thomberg Family Pizza night delivery.

Saturday morning I attended Rachel's second baby shower hosted by her sister. (Marly opted to stay home.) It was a delight to sit back and enjoying the fun. After... I used my alone time opportunity to do returns at Crate and Barrel, and Land's End!

I arrived home to my family hanging inside where it was cool. We headed out for dinner at Ruby Tuesday and grabbed a sweater for the theater to see Mr. Popper's Penguins. I give the movie two thumbs up.

After MANY weeks on hiatus, we were finally in attendance at church on Sunday. Next up, we headed to Super Target for groceries, and headed home. We could have packed up and sought out water, but the truth is, we all needed a nap!

Through out the weekend, I also finally performed some basic housekeeping chores. Like many homes over the summer, ours is neglected when it comes to sweeping, kitchen and bathroom clean up, sheets, dusting, etc! Thankfully we won't stick to the kitchen floor anymore.

Oh... and I tried to rest my ankle. For anyone who has seen me recently, you know I am gimpy. I have had a strained ligament in my ankle since before the 4th. The Dr told me to rest it as best as I can, keep it up when I can, ice it, and take Advil. I haven't been a very good patient, and haven't listened. It is bad enough to make me limp all over, but not bad enough to stop me. I tried to give it a break this weekend... sort of...(okay... well I ruled out beach/sand activities!)

Finally, Dad came to the rescue for Sunday supper. No need to turn on the oven or grill! We went to Maverick's to eat... thus bringing a close to our low-key weekend. (And my quest to avoid cooking - Mission accomplished!

Take care all. Hope you are enjoying your summer, and find ways to beat the heat in the record breaking days ahead.

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