Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Review

I know, I know.... The feast is loooonggggg over.
Just the same, here is our Thanksgiving pictorial recap.

I "jazzed up" the place for Thanksgiving. Above is the new Ikea shelf noted on my to do list from my time off. It is decorated for the season now departed. Below is our buffet. I made the leaves with Mod Podge and spray paint. The unique gold vase is from the "lemons & leftovers" department at Bachman's.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Pat and Kelly's.

After a delicious meal, the pies were loaded into the car and we headed to visit Pauline where she was staying for rehab care for her broken (repaired) knee cap.

Friday we took the kids to see Disney's 'Tangled', and Saturday we headed to Dad and Chris's for the Annual Pizza Party.
There is always a LOT more to eat then pizza.

There were plenty of friends and relatives to catch up with.

'Tis the season. We have parties, events, programs, and concert to enjoy now until Christmas. God bless you all this holiday season.

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