Monday, December 27, 2010

Celebrating with my family

As mentioned, we celebrated Christmas with my family last Thursday evening at Brett and Rachel's on Pierson Lake. The festivities began with water skiing around the kitchen. Brett is determined his niece and nephew WILL learn to ski this summer. He is investigating the best kids training skis to teach them on. For now, they learned about holding the rope!
After prime rib, it was time to open gifts.
We didn't do a very good job capturing the family this year at all.

Our little collegians. Chris's son Kevin studied theater in Oxford this summer.

Me opening a gift from Brett and Rachel.

Dean has been asking for a fire truck from Santa for weeks. He got both a fire truck and a fireman's costume.

**This photo is in memory of my dear Uncle Jon (who was the Fire Chief for many years in Hector), and in honor of my Cousin Dawn (Chief for the Bird Island Volunteer Fire Department).**

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