Saturday, December 11, 2010


We have been walloped by a massive winter storm here in Minnesota - a good old blizzard. The kind that closes roads and businesses, cancels parties, and truly slows the world down for a day or two.

Naturally, this kind of weather makes for a great day to sip hot chocolate, snuggle under a blanket, and watch Christmas themed movies as a house bound family. Instead, I shoveled. Mark shoveled. Then we shoveled some more.

Unfortunately, last week our snow blower was sent off to the repair shop. Mark asked if there was any chance we would have it back before the anticipated snowfall.... Not A Chance!

So, we began our battle against the elements this morning with our own brute force. Honestly, after we got the ENTIRE drive shovelled the first time, I felt accomplished. We did it!

The feeling wanned. I knew what would happen next - the plow would come by. When the plow comes around the corner it leaves a huge drift in its wake. Today, the carnage was waist deep and about 6 feet wide. Plus, there was no sign the snow was stopping.

And so I shoveled, I slipped, and I shoveled more. I lifted. I threw. I repeated. I have no idea how much time past. I no longer felt any glory in accomplishment. To motivate and inspire me on, I imagined what it must have been like to be Laura on 'Little House on the Prairie'. Instead of battling a snow plow, those pioneers battled to survive. As I picked up the shovel again and again, I tried to be thankful I for shelter, heat, water, and a snow blower at the REPAIR SHOP!

This is after the first clearing. See... I am still smiling!

This is Mark shoveling AFTER I shoveled the second time or third time.
*Disclaimer - Mark has a bad back. He can only shovel so much, or it will give out and he will end up flat on his back*

This is our front sidewalk. Basically, we have run out of places to put the snow.

I am not smiling anymore. In fact, I am getting stiff and sore. I think I may CRY when the snowplow comes around the corner again tomorrow.

In the mean time, I will try and savor the peaceful evening created by weather, enjoy the crackling fire Mark built, cuddle under Marlys's green quilt, and watch the latest Twilight movie I picke up from Red Box.

(Oh... the kids did watch some cheesy holiday movie about a dog that saved Christmas while we shovelled the FIRST time! Mark put the film in as I began shoveling. It was over when I came back inside!)


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping Sunday is the end of shoveling for you! As a girl married to a guy without a snowblower for 5 years, I know your pain!

Nicole Mages said...

Ouch! I bet you are sore today. Great workout though! We didn't have a snowblower the first year we lived on our own...that was it. I even paid someone to do our driveway LAST weekend when we got a bunch of snow out here and Jesse was gone.

JennyF said...

Ugh! I can't believe you shoveled all that out! Good for you. Hope you are not all stiff today.

I'm home today with two girls - Mpls Schools are closed!


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