Monday, December 6, 2010

What's for Supper

It is Monday night, and I know Tuesday is going to be a tremendous day. Oh yes... I am sure of it.

You know why? I already know 'what's for supper?'

White Chicken Chili! I was reminded of the recipe when visiting the 4Tunate blog. I was inspired to make it over the weekend, secured the necessary ingredients, and already had a rotisserie chicken from Costco in the fringe. I got around to completing the task this Monday evening. I indended to have it tonight...but it just didn't happen. Finally at 9:48 pm, the red dutch oven is cooling on the stovetop.

Like basically all working moms, the evening meal is a challenge...but not tomorrow!

Oh happy day tomorrow when I arrive home from work, reheat, and ENJOY!

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