Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Before starting a new job later next week, I get to enjoy some time off! So... what will I be up to?
  • This morning I took the kid's to Jack's Bakery for donuts. I love to watch Marly eat the chocolate sprinkle top off of her raised donut. Dean opted for a raspberry Bismark today. He always offers to share with Marly and I. Marly doesn't let anyone touch her donut.
  • I ran errands getting supplies for various things around the house I hope to accomplish, while the kids went to daycare.
  • I have 90 tulip bulbs from Costco ready to be added to the 90 I planted last fall.
  • I have spray paint, and thrift store items waiting to find a new home.
  • I have thrifted furniture I hope to try and refinish for our bedroom. I bought an electric sander today!
  • I have a sample of paint I hope will be the new color in our bedroom.
  • I have a "honey do" list from Mark.
  • I get to hang out with Gretchen when she comes to town for a meeting.
  • I will probably make a pilgrimage to Ikea with Gretchen.
  • I hope to finish our Riverdale Readers book club selection from LAST month.
  • I may take the kids to see Grandpa David some day for lunch.
  • The kids and I will probably go visit Mark's mom. She broke her knee cap, had surgery last weekend, and will be spending many weeks in a rehab care facility.
  • I hope the weather stays as nice as today, so I can let the kids enjoy the outdoors.
  • That's plenty enough and I probably won't accomplish half of what I hope.
  • I am going to try and STAY HOME more then I RUN AROUND.

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JennyF said...

You are lucky in having some AMAZING weather during your time off! I hope you get a chance to enjoy it, and enjoy working your list, too. It's nice to get those things out of the way.


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