Monday, December 6, 2010

Fed Ex ROCKS the Holidays!

The last couple of years I have listened to my friend Molly profess the glories of on line holiday shopping, nary to set foot in a mall. Last year I meant to do it, but mostly missed the bandwagon.

This year I dove in the deep end, and went all the way!

I have yet to venture into a retail parking lot, the mall, not even Target (yet) for a single gift! I have not purused the racks at Gymoborie for the Twinners holiday attire. I have not entered Macy's clutching coupons. Instead, I have sat in bed, watched cable TV, and surfed Creative Kidstuff, Etsy, Amazon, Land's End, Costco and more, with my discount codes.

Monday commenced our front door deliveries, with less spent in shipping then I would have spent on gas. Rachel's gift arrived, along with Marly's hand made, avocado green damask dress; red sweaters for the kids & Marly's fresh,white tights; crafted dolly accessories; and a the BIG box from Costco containing thrills from Santa for Christmas morning...

Marly and Dean were excited about all the packages in the entry. They were giddy with their holiday wear, while the other items were tucked away to discourage further curiosity.

CYBER SHOPPING is the bomb! Several of my selections will even arrived gift wrapped (for free).

These days, whenever I get out the camera, Marly and Dean insist on being captured by the lens. They have no idea what kind of fun is inside the box under their buns!

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MollyinMinn said...

So happy to know I have brought you over to the dark side.


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