Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Traditional Christmas Eve

Weather permitting, it is tradition to head to Hector, attend church at First Lutheran, and then have dinner with the Melberg's.

Per tradition, we light candles in church and sing Silent Night (or mumble if you are a Melberg).

Per tradition, we eat Swedish Meatballs and cheesy potatoes.

We were Aunt Carol's and Uncle Loren's this year and they were delicious. A newer tradition to our family - a visit from Santa.

Marly and Dean received Dr kits and personalized Dr white coats.

Here they are with their Nanny Dr. Chris, who helps the sick kids (for real)!

The best tradition of all - Gathering and spending time together with our cousins, aunts and uncles. Simply being a family, with many years of strong, stable history.

Mikayla, Wilson, Maria,
Jason holding Kaylee, Santa Jared, Sutton, Saxton.
Marly, Dean, Dylan, Aiden (and Sawyer somehow got cut-out...)

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