Sunday, December 26, 2010

'Twas 2 nights Before Christmas Eve, and so forth.

As I begin to blog about Christmas, it is Sunday evening. In the week ahead, I'll post about our lovely holiday, so I might as well "start out at the very beginning, a very good place to start..."

(**Can you tell I am watching the Sound of Music in the background!**)

Anyway... last Wednesday evening Mark and I began to put together Dean's Santa Gift - The Playmobil Mega Farm Set purchased from Costco. I had been warned by another Playmobil fan mom to plan for a long set up time. We started around 8:30. At 10:30 Mark gave in. I spent another hour before heading to bed, and decided the shed included could wait until Uncle Jeff came on Christmas Day. He is a DREAM with that kind of stuff. I told Dean Santa had left the shed in the garage because the elves got backed up. I suspect when he is 4 this lie won't work anymore.

Thursday the kids and I headed to Kowalski's on Lyndale in Minneapolis. It was time for the holidays to begin! We were picking up our complete ham dinner for Christmas with the Thompsons. Mark told me I would be much more 'pleasant' (Tolerable!!) if I didn't try and cook, on top of travelling about for the Christmas Eve. Mark is a smart man. Byerly's doesn't offer a ham meal. The first Kowalski's I called was sold out. Jackpot when I called the next location. Kowalski's is a good cook and a fair value. What the heck, add the cookie platter too please!

(I did make that Old Dutch Carmel Corn and Traditional Chex Mix. Does that count for cooking???)

Thursday evening we headed to Brett and Rachel's for our family gathering (including the usual - Prime Rib/Red Meat). We stayed over. Brett, Rachel, the kids and I went sledding, while Mark worked. We all headed to First Lutheran in Hector and dinner at Aunt Carol's for Christmas Eve. We drove back late. After enjoying our gifts together at home, we had the Thompson Family over at 4 pm on Christmas Day.

Today was spent in our jammies, watching movies, cleaning up, playing with toys, eating waffles made with Mark's gift, and enjoying Thai take out for supper.

More photos to come. For now, we send our Christmas Love to each of you. I hope your holiday has been as blessed as ours.

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