Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday School Program

I remember my childhood church Christmas programs at Trinity Lutheran, far out on a gravel road in the country. It was always on Christmas Eve. I always wore a dress with lots of ruffle that my mom sewed in red or green Christmas cotton. We always sang 'Away in a Manager.' My aunts and uncles and cousins always paused our family gathering to come. Both kids and guests always left with a brown paper lunch bag filled with peanuts, a chocolate treat, one orange & one red apple.

Sunday night the kids had their first Sunday School Program at Peace Lutheran in Coon Rapids. I did not make Marly's dress, but a Mommy on Etsy did! Dean's tie was also made by an Esty Mom, and is made of the same green damask. (Red sweaters from Land's End. All items purchased on line.)

Here they are all decked out in their finery before leaving for church. You have to look very close to notice Dean's little tie!

Mark was also video taping, and couldn't get a shot of them in front singing their 3 songs with cute pre-school actions. Dean lead the troop of 3-4 year olds to the front, and Marly was animated with her gestures when performing. Here I am leading them from the front. I was also helping with my first grade class.

Brett, Rachel, Grandpa David and Kevin came to see the Twinner's in action.

I won't lie. I was one proud mommy! (Above is one very proud Papa too.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, Andrea, they are so cute!! Joey

JennyF said...

Love those Christmas memories that you are building for your kids! and the Etsy clothes are adorable.

MollyinMinn said...

I love her adoring look at him in that one shot. So sweet.


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