Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day!

Our Christmas Day began in a relaxing manner. The kids woke up around 8. Instead of running to the tree, they chit chatted together like they always do, and sauntered down the hall. Mark had to announce Santa had come before they got really excited. I headed downstairs to retrieve our stockings from the mantel and then the hoopla began.

This is the combine for Dean's Playmobil Farm Set from Santa. He has played with it daily since Saturday.
Marly got a Playmobil Doll House.

At 4 pm the Thompson Family arrived to celebrate and enjoy ham dinner (courtesy of Kowalski's). This year, we took the time to do some family photos.
Thanks Pat for taking great pictures. This year I made Snapfish photo albums of the Thomberg's in 2010 for both sets of grandparents. Now I have pictures to start out the 2011 album.
Mark, sister Kelly, and brother Jeff.

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