Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The State Fair 2010

Andrea's Running Commentary!

Friday afternoon Mark retrieved the Graco DuoGlide stroller from her storage place above the rafters of the garage for a return trip to the Great Minnesota Get Together - The State Fair.

We hopped on a shuttle from the St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Roseville and joined the record setting, weekday crowds on a hot, but breezy afternoon.

We kicked off our glutenous activities with a corn dog, cheese curds, fresh cut french fries, and then milkshakes (and another foot long corn dog, because Dean insisted he was HUNGRY!)

We enjoyed the people watching. These teen boys all have shirts that declare, "Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap!" Interesting.

We visited most every barn. Like all kids, Dean loved the "Miracle of Birth" Barn. Below is Dean on Grandpa's shoulders, with the Largest (ugly) Boar behind him. "Reggie" weighed 1450 pounds. In general, I really don't like the Swine Barn. If it weren't for that disgusting giant boar, I would ix-nay (spelling?) the pigs all together, but I am too Minnesotan to skip the Largest Boar.

Of course we also made sure to visit the Giant Pumpkins in the Ag Building. The winner came from East Bethel and weighted 1036 pounds this year.

Rabbits, poultry, sheep, cows, horses...Somehow we missed the llamas!

The Twinner's enjoyed the day with Grandpa. (Actually, Grandpa enjoys every minute of his time with his grandkids!!!) Grandpa loves the animals, just like his daughter, and now his grandkids.

Token photo of the me and Mark, taken by... me! I had consumed A LOT of cheese curds by this point, and not a drop of beer!

The Thomberg's all went down the Giant Slide, then moved on to the Kiddy Midway.

After dragging Dean away from the rides kicking and screaming, we hunted down the Deep Fried Gourmet Pickles. They moved to the end of Dan Patch by the Grand Stand from the Food Building. Those cream cheese fried pickles are usually the SECOND thing Mark and I eat on our State Fair binge. Imagine our surprise when we entered the side of the Food Building and they were no where to be found.

Did I mention we had a snow cone and mini donuts between the rides?

Surely we had to try the Chocolate Covered Bacon Pig Lickers at Famous Dave's, since it was right there kiddy corner from the pickle place. Roasted Corn would have been a better option for our last $5. (Okay it was my Dad's $5. I wouldn't pay for it, but Marly and I did split the last piece. It wasn't very good. I am not sure why we finished it, but I couldn't waste/throw away my Dad's investment!)

After the kids' bedtime (with NO nap), it was FINALLY time to take our bulging bellies home! (Not as bulging as the Largest Boar of course.)

I am sure we will be back again next year. I am sure our day will look pretty similar to this year, or last year, or the year before. That's why we love the State Fair. We all know EXACTLY what to expect! And you never know what new food concoction will be invented to waste your last $5 on.

See you all then!


britta said...

YUM! Even though gluten and I aren't friends, I totally would have gotten myself into a lot of trouble there!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Grandpa David had as much fun as the kids!!


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