Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nickel Dickel Days

Sometime over the summer, Rachel asked Mark if he wanted to run the Nickel Dickel 5K in Waconia with her. Sure! What a great way for Mark to motivate himself to start working out, right?

Back in the day (when the Twinners were just infants) Mark use to run a 5K's here and there. The first one after the kids birth was in May. It was the Get in Gear 5K at Minnehaha Park in Mpls. Mark, Rachel and our friend Jeremy all ran. M&D took their first bus shuttle and light rail ride that day. Of course the Duo-Glide was dragged along. Our trusty Graco stroller was a necessity back then. I might have breast fed in the middle of the park while waiting near the finish. I remember M&D were wearing darling coordinating red and white Gap outfits. A few weeks later, Mark ran the Grand Ole' Days 5K, and then the Lumberjack Days 5K in Stillwater. Me, the Duo-Glide, and the Twinner's were along to cheer Daddy on for each one, and we enjoyed it. I would push the kids up the street to find a latte while Mark ran. That was three years ago...

...And it may have been the last time Mark ran, until this past Saturday! (So much for getting in shape.)

Rachel, Mark, and Mark's friend Mike. Notice Mark is wearing a DMB concert T-shirt. Some sort of consolation being he couldn't attend. The Twinner's and I drove separate and met them, since we stayed overnight at Brett and Rachel's.

Marly started chanting, "Go Daddy Go!" a block and a half before we arrived at the finish line.

I must find the similar post-run photo at the Get in Gear 5K three years ago! Things look a little different now.

Afterwards we enjoyed all the activities in the park, including the bounce house.

Thanks Rachel for helping inspire a fun day for all!

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