Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Stay at Home Mom Day

Yesterday our daycare provider had a day off, which means I got a Stay-at-Home Mom Day. I love a day like this. Instead of starting our week off getting myself up and ready, then getting the Twinners up and ready, then loading the car and driving to daycare, then on to work....


Instead Stay-at-Home Mommy and the Twinners got up when we were ready. Then we ate oatmeal. Then Stay-at-Home Mommy called the Lyon's, and left a VM requesting a spur of the moment play date. Then we got dressed. Then Stay-at-Home Mommy tidied up the house and started some laundry. Then we all played with friends, and we ate lunch.

Then the Twinner's skipped naps, and we went to Costco. At Costco, Stay-at-Home Mommy strolled the less-crowded-weekday-warehouse aisles. She listened to her fun three-year-olds jabber, chat, and converse about cereal, the colors of the boxes, Dean's favorite (Mac and Cheese), and the pretty flowers Marly liked, and on and on. Then we came home, unloaded, and headed outside again (on another steamy summer day) to play in the cool kiddy pool. Then Stay-at-Home Mommy made supper while sipping Sangria. Then the Daddy/Husband came home, and could relax after a long day and watch the evening news, while Stay-at-Home Mommy finished a nice, healthy, fresh supper.

Then the Thomberg's carried on with their evening. Stay-at-Home Mommy was feeling like she had given her household and family 100%, if only for one day. Stay-at-Home Mommy went to bed contented.

Stay-at-Home Mommy is back to work today, and life is still good.

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