Friday, August 29, 2008

M&D's FIRST trip to the State Fair!

Mark and I took the afternoon off work on Thursday to take M&D to the State Fair. We had a fun afternoon. We ate a corn dog, deep fried gourmet pickles, cheese curds, fresh cut fries, roasted corn, a snow cone (M&D's favorite), a funnel cake, and one foot long (in that order). I wanted the chocolate covered bacon, but the line was too long. We also went down the Big Slide. Not sure if the kids liked it or not, because we couldn't see their faces in front of us.

Dean LOVED the animals. In the sheep barn, he could not believe every direction he turned there were more sheep. He just kept squeeling in delight. In the 'Miracle of Birth' barn, he tried to crawl in with the calf.

We headed to the John Deere area for photos Grandpa would enjoy.

M&D on a Gator! Seriously, can't they at least have one real tractor on display.

Marly instantly channeled Grandma Marlys when she saw the lawn mowers. She headed straight over and started to climb aboard all on her own. It was if she knew and was drawn to it! Naturally, we always had John Deere lawn mowers.

She was grinning from ear to ear once she got all the way up! I was pretty moved to see her living up to her namesake! My mom spent a LOT of time mowing lawn, as many farm wive's do. Farms always seem to have acres of lawn to mow, and tons of trees to go around. In my mom's younger years, she mowed in a bikini. Yup, she always had a great tan. I remember my cousin's coming over to watch us so my mom could mow lawn. When I was really little, I remember begging to ride along with her on her knee - very safe! When I was in college, I remember she tipped the lawn mower over mowing the steep road ditch at our house. She called Brett to come quick and tip it back up before my dad found out!

Everyone is getting a little tired....

Dean sporting his sunglasses from the Lion's Eye Bank booth. Of course we stopped by the SCSU booth and the LifeSource both promoting organ and tissue donation. Mark and I opted out of volunteering at the SCSU booth, as we do most years. I think we missed it, and will be back next year to volunteer.


Anonymous said...

Marly can come an time and sit on our mower. I love the pictures. Looks like you had a fun day.

Mike just said this morning I wonder what Marly is doing. I do not know but he really feels a connection to her.

Have a great weekend.


Andrea said...

Cindy, Oddly when Marly was just being a doll the other evening, it made me think of Mike and how he would have enjoyed a 'Marly Moment.'

: )

Also happy to report I think my kids have FARM breed naturally into them (thank goodness!). Seriously, you should have seen Marly on the mower and Dean with the animals.


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