Friday, September 17, 2010

A Date with Dave!

Many moons ago I was on line with Ticketmaster at exactly 10:00 am to click 'purchase tickets' for Dave Matthews Band. I got 4 good seats to their concert at Excel in September and was delighted. DMB hasn't appeared in the Twin Cities in ages. Mark was as excited as me, and we recruited Gretchen and Dan to join us.

Fast forward to August. Mark discovered he had an out of town work event and couldn't attend. I e mailed my friend Amy C. Will you be my date for Dave?

Now rewind to late last week. Gretchen and Dan were also unable to make it. Amy asked our friend Joan, and I invited my co worker Jenny.

Wednesday night finally arrives! Too Bad/Soo Sad for Mark, Gretchen and Dan. Andrea, Amy, Joan and Jenny had a FABULOUS time and Dave did NOT dissappoint.

Qouting the Pioneer Press review of the show - "By this point, Dave Matthews Band concerts are a rite of passage, and the group's Wednesday-night stop at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul was no different. Baby-faced college kids seeing the group for the first time bumped elbows with 30-something couples celebrating yet another notch in their DMB belt."

You can put me in the that 30 something catagory. Amy C (then Amy D) reminded me we first saw Dave together 15 years ago at the Target Center, while in college! Since then, I've attended performances in Madison, Alpine Valley, and the Twin Cities again. Dave isn't music preserved in a decade or era of my history. Dave provides music for my life, and through time (remember Dancing with Dave?)... and the band is an outstanding live experience.

I don't have a ton of 'notches in my belt' for DMB (5 I think), but be assured I will be 'celebrating' more in the years ahead.

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