Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Camping - Sibley State Park

Before we had the Twinners, Mark and I use to camp once or twice a year with a bunch of other couples, a motley crew of who knows who, typically gathering at two State Park camp sites hand picked in advance by one of the coordinators (our friend Doris Hentges). We visited Lake Carlos State Park one Memorial Day, and Itasca a few times.

Lake Carlos will be remembered for extreme heat, extreme drinking, and an extreme camp fire. The first Itasca trip will be remembered as the time our camp buddies nearly convinced me you had to pee in the headwaters of the Mississippi River on your first visit. Yes... I am gullible and nearly dropped my drawers. No...alcohol did not play a role in my stupidity.

Our last Itasca trip (4/5 years ago?) will be remembered as our final trip as a kid-free couple. We biked the 16 mile Wilderness Drive Loop one day, and I was ecstatic to have safely hit the 12 week mark in my pregnancy. We haven't been back until now.

The Thomberg's finally re-joined the crew this Labor Day weekend. We visited Sibley State Park and caught up with friends old and new, many who had also joined the ranks of parenthood. Sibley will be memorable simply because it was the Twinner's first camping experience. M & D slept in a tent in new pink and blue sleeping bags, have their own pink and blue camp chairs, ate s'mores, enjoyed the fire each night, played on the beach, braved the water in the cool temps, and had their own special adventures with their new friends Joey, Mason, Allie, Owen, Abby, and Sophia!

We all had a good time! Three is surely a fabulous age. I enjoy simply watching them discover everything around them, and especially the outdoors this past summer.

Hopefully, there will be photos to document our historical first. I discovered Saturday my camera battery no longer re-charges and am waiting for a few .jpg's from friends!

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