Monday, September 7, 2009

The State Fair

We had a great day at the State Fair on Friday. Once Mark got home from work we were out the door. We arrived just before noon. Mark loves to try his luck at free street parking. Every year he manages to hit the jackpot and find a spot on the street bordering Como Park. We stroll the few blocks to the main entrance.

We met my dad at the Food Building for Cheese Curds (but not before we quickly consumed corn dogs and deep fried pickles and cream cheese). We ate plenty and went into virtually every barn. Don't tell Dean we missed the llamas! In one of the horse barns I was nearly peed on by one of the giant creatures. Surely Mark thought it was the funniest moment of the whole day. I would have to agree, as I lept out of the way with a start and and a yelp.

Behind Dean is Deano the Giant Bore!

Marly just wanted to take a nap...who cares about the pigs!!....but first... a carousel ride!

The day is more enjoyable if you DO NOT add up what you spent on getting in and eating, and eating, and eating!

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