Thursday, September 30, 2010

This and That

  • Mark has a new role at the 'Bou. He is a multi-unit/area manager. In a remarkable twist from my usual reality (where Mark gets up and leaves long before I wake), today he was in his bathrobe working on line at the kitchen table when I rose. He made pancakes for the kids and took them to daycare. I was cruising towards work before 8 am. WOW! We even navigated our relatively small bathroom together without dissent!
  • I am just fine! I LOVE fall and find little moments of bliss here and there. In the summer I feel pressure to socialize, get out, be somewhere, find water, pursue extended family activities, etc. In the fall, I find contentment all around me, and close to home (although I long for the country harvest). Apple orchards, pumpkins, and crisp, colorful leaves beacon me (along with Marly, Dean and Mark).
  • The kids are fun. Dean seems to think EVERYTHING is a race. Getting dressed first, getting undressed first. First to the front, first to eat, etc. He is constantly exclaiming, "I WON!" I do not know what he is winning. I do know he gets upset when Marly has all components of her attire on FIRST.
  • They have been potty trained for nearly a year. I chuckle every single time one of them yells, "WIPE MY BUTT!" from the bathroom. My smile gets wider when I appear, and one of them is standing there with their little butt in the air, and their hands planted on the floor. Okay, that may be a little weird.
  • Marly is shy in public. She is clearly not comfortable at Sunday School unless daddy stays in the room. Dean is doing just fine. He is an eager listener ready to learn.
  • Both kids love swimming lessons at the YMCA. They conclude at 7:20, so last Monday I donned my suit and joined them in the pool for open swim before going home. They are definately picking something up in class. I was glad to give them more water time to practice. They love the water, so they are not in class to simply to gain COMFORT. The only problem came when it was time to go home for bed. Dean didn't want to leave. He SCREAMED the whole time we were in the Family Locker Room. It is possible others thought I was beating my child behind the locked door of shower/changing room #5.
  • I am finding great enjoyment in our yard. To us, it is a pretty place. I love our mature trees. Yes...we have worked hard to create an expanse of lush, suburban, weed-free lawn. We have pruned and pulled. We have a swing set. We attempted a garden, with little success. We enjoy! Marly and Dean are excited with the prospect of a leaf pile in the month ahead.
  • I changed out my lack-luster, puny, red geraniums for yellow mums and gourds in our front planters. The geraniums looked awful, so I was ecstatic to move on. I purchased cheap mums at Walmart. The truth is, they are not thriving either. I suck!
  • The palms on our patio DID thrive. I removed the flower heavy inpatients from the bottom and they are finding homes inside.
  • We ate supper on the patio last night. It was a gorgeous fall day. The time to eat outdoors is limited. The kiddy pool is deflated and returned to storage in the garage.
  • I pushed the kids on the swing forever last night after supper.... because soon this opportunity will be gone too.
  • Marly is still strongly attached to her two blankies. Dean loves Oscar more then ever. Those three items go with Marly and Dean most places.
  • Dean is much taller then Marly. Marly has lost her chubby cheeks. They bear no similarities in appearance, and surely don't look like twins. But, they ARE every bit TWINS. Marly told me yesterday Dean was her best friend. At daycare, our provider says they always like to sit by each other at meal time and often hug each other, etc. I am very comfortable with this. They act independently in groups as well.
  • Dean loves yogurt and Mac n' Cheese. Marly probably likes ice cream more then Dean.
  • I love listening to Marly and Dean converse with each other.
  • I wish I knew what "Mocha Mocha" meant.
  • Marly has a variety of favorite stuffed animals, which she rotates between. Most of them do not have names. She does have a blond dolly named "Inga".
  • The Twinners remember things and ask questions (as you would expect of their age). They know their family, and identify and converse about so many things. They were at Brett and Rachel's this past weekend. Rachel picked them up at my Dad's. She travelled home and Dean insisted she was going the WRONG way. When she finally convinced him they were heading to her house, Dean started requesting a boat ride. When Kelly comes to get them, they know she will arrive in a fast, yellow car.
  • They clearly adore all of their grandparents.
  • I need to lose a few pounds. I put on black dress pants the other day for the first time this season. I thought I was going to bust out of them at the end of the day.
  • I use capital letters too often in my blog.

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