Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jazzing Up the Bathroom

When we moved into our home a year and 1/2 ago, Mark put up our pre-existing Pottery Barn shower curtain, painted to match, threw down the rug, changed out the standard flush wall mount mirror to a framed style, and that was that.

I mentioned we later changed out our toilet this summer (due to necessity), and now we finally "jazzed it up" a bit! (The bathroom, not the toilet.)

I feel bad posting about our decorating after my "Life Lesson from Craig's List", but the "jazzing" occurred before my post. And...well, who am I kidding - Mark and I really enjoy decorating.

Anyway... we recently added two Ikea shelves above the toilet and the 3 Ikea glass storage containers. Two of them are very functional and contain cotton pads (I use daily and now have easy access to) and Q-tips. The plant use to sit on top of the toilet.

Next, I searched Etsy (Catagory 'Art' , search word 'fern' since this was my initial vision for the wall hangings). I wanted just the right thing (within my meager budget) to add some pizazz to the wall opposite the entry door. I saw something I liked from a crafter called Crafterall. I sent Crafterall a special request, and we started a "convo". I explained what I planned to do, and she created three 5X7 custom papercuts to fit my in-expensive Ikea frames. It turned out the lady was located in nearby Shorewood! The items she created are perfect,unique, and neat works of art!

I LOVE Etsy. You can search endless avenues for gifts, decor, kids items, clothes, WHATEVER - hand made from across the world. Often, you work directly with the crafter/creator (like I have done on several occasions) to get exactly what you hope for! If you have never visited, go take a look. Thrift Stores - another love! The Kleenex box above is thrifted along with the garbage below (brand new with tags from Target). Oh... and the little finger towels hanging on the towel bar above the toilet. All these items were purchased here and there over many months.

The sink - finished off with my favorite Mrs. Meyer's hand soap (the bottle label happens to match the paint) and an antique jewelry box with a "T" inscribed on the top, which Mark bought me one Christmas off E-bay. And finally, a tiny vase and fake flowers purchased for a few bucks at Ikea.

There you have it! Our "jazzed up" bathroom!


britta said...

Looks nice!!! I really should do my gift shopping on Etsy!

MollyinMinn said...

Looks great! Now will you come and do mine?!


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