Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tonic Sol-fa, Chili & Mickey Mouse

So what have the Thomberg's been up to lately? Just this and that. Lately, I have been trying to take the time to enjoy all those little moments in life. You know... the usual stuff. I've been having fun enjoying just getting my three year olds dressed in the morning. What a great stage in life we are at with the Twinner's.

This past weekend Mark and I attended a Tonic Sol-fa concert at St. Ben's. It was a fundraiser for Gillette put on by an amazing young woman who is a student there. She connected with Children's Miracle Network because she was a contestant for Miss MN. Anyway, the event was an entertaining night away for Mark and I.

Beyond that, we enjoyed the nice weather and our yard. Mark made up a big pot of Al Roker's Chili on Sunday.
Later in the evening, at bedtime, I noticed Ramona the Cat poised and ready to pounce, steady at the stove. I knew instantly what this meant. Surely a mouse was under there.

Indeed I was correct. About 20 minutes later I heard scuffling in the kitchen. "Mark... get up.. there is a mouse out there!" And so we did. We successful caught Mickey in a corner in the basement after chasing him about a bit. (Ramona does not have claws. She likes to play and toy with Mickey and his friends.)

Here is Mickey's back side in a Pyrex dish. What I did next was probably a mistake. I released him "into the wild" of our suburban street. My co workers tell me he will RETURN TO THE WARMTH of my home and kitchen.

Oh dear...All because I wasn't quite sure how to kill the little bugger without grossing myself out. Next time I will make my husband "be a man" and take care of it!

I also spent some time "jazzing things up" for fall and Halloween. More on that in another post.


MollyinMinn said...

Okay, that takes some serious skill to catch a mouse like that. And now I have had my morning dose of the heebie jeebies.

britta said...

You have a cat? And btw, that is GROSS that you caught it in a bowl that you probably still use....even after washing. That can now become a sandbox toy!

darcie said...

oh my.
We've caught...(and not released) a good dozen or more little Mickey friends in the last couple of weeks - in our far, NOT in the house.
Your friends are right...he will be back to help himself to some snacks before he settles in for the winter...


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