Thursday, December 31, 2009

3 pm on New Year's Eve

Well, we finally found someone willing to hang out with us (X 2 kids) on New Year's Eve! The Hagel Braids are coming for a kid friendly dinner and festivities. I had most things I needed on hand, but did make a Super Target run this morning. I drove out of my way to go to Super Target because I thought I would only need to load and unload the kids once. Let's face it.. two toddlers consume extrodinary amounts of time just to get out the door in winter. If only they allowed MN grocers to sell liquor inside their stores. (Lobbiests - are you reading this!)

Dinner menu - (check) Beef Stroganoff (in my crock pot since 9:30 am), fresh green beans, bread. That should do it. I have fresh salami from Costco, cheese, crackers and olives for snackie fair. Heidi is bring something desert orientated.

Table Setting and decorations - (check) Table is set with china and white napkins wrapped with that silver tinsel stuff 75% at Target. The kids have blue demin napkins. Also last night I took much of the red off the Christmas Tree and add silver tinsel stuff. I took the green garland off the banister and put up some silver garland stuff we use around New Year's Eve when entertaining.

Liquor - (Sort of)... I have red wine on hand, one bottle of champagne, vodka and tonic, and I asked Mark to pick up a bottle of white and another bottle of champagne on his way home. (Back to my rant that they should be able to sell liquor at the grocery store.) Yes, this is too much for 4 adults.

NYE fair including those cracker pull/pop things, annoying noise maker blowers, etc. specifically for the Dean, Marly and Cale (DAMN IT!) I have just discovered I left an entire bag of items I purchased at Super Target in my cart in the parking lot at Super Target (DAMN IT - Again!) Well... that was money well spent! GRRR... often I feel pleased with myself once I get BOTH Twinners back in the car and buckled in, since one of them always starts to cry about SOMETHING, and FOR SURE they will throw a fit about who gets which car seat. Today is was Dean bawling... and TODAY I left half my merchandise at the retailer. Here at home, I thought - Okay, I have a whole package of white balloons Mark had for something at the 'Bou. I'll spread those all over the floor downstairs. That will add some hoopla! (DAMN IT!) I think I recently asked Mark if he was going to bring those back to store. He must have listened to me for a change!

Too late now! We will have to go with it! Shoot - lemons and limes were in that bag too...


britta said...

Pretty sure you should have called that Super Target and they could have retrieved/looked for your bag. I've done it before!

britta said...

P.S. Happy 2010 to you and yours...


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