Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The rest of our weekend

After a nap on Saturday, we headed to a the H-we's for an overnight.

Here are the kids praying hand in hand over plates of green peas. Gretchen told them if they ate their whole plate of peas, they could have holiday cupcakes. Needless to say, we quickly encountered three members of the clean plate club.  I will also note they had been playing and snacking on crackers, cheese, fruit and meat earlier in the evening while us parents socialized, but hadn't yet gotten any veggies!

We are blessed to share similar religious beliefs with Gretchen and Dan. Yup - Wild crazy Lutheran's we are. As noted above the kids are praying here. My kids went to fold their hands, but M taught them a new way to break bread with friends. Like us, the Huwe's believe in worshiping regularly with their children. Gretchen even teaches Sunday School, which I aspire to do someday when the kids are older.

The adults ate Gretchen's homemade soup after we put the munchins to bed.

M and Dean were the twins for the night in their matching Carter's PJ's. P was at Disney's Princesses on Ice, which is why you don't see her.

Sunday we headed back to the metro (skipping church!). Mark and many individuals from 'Bou had been given tickets to the Vikings game for outstanding promotion of a particular product. Papa and Nana watched the kids while we were away. Neither of us have ever been to a Vikings game. I don't ever need to go again. It is just not up my alley. Next time I will give up my seat to someone who would get more excited then I did. I kept thinking if I were at home I  could be wrapping gifts. I know, I know... these games sell out...

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