Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The rest of our weekend...

Friday - we strung colored LED lights in the overgrown bush near the road and our two low lying bushes in front of our house. Many of our neighbors have had their lights up for a good week... so we needed to get on it!!! Later, took the kids to their first movie on the big screen - Fantastic Mr. Fox. Marly devored plenty of popcorn and Dean was enthralled. I was glad no one had an accident and peed their pants!

Saturday - We purchased our first real Christmas tree. We had grandious plans to go to a tree farm, cut our own, and strap it to the top of the Pacifica, but we lost our ambition, didn't have the time for that kind of adventure, and went to Lowe's instead. The tree fit into the back and through the seat, so it wasn't even loaded on top of the vehicle! That night we went to my Dad's pizza party. It was a small crowd because all of our cousin's and uncles are still harvesting. It was a delight to see Michelle, Toots, Dee and Kris (and their families).

Sunday Afternoon - I worked morning/afternoon at the Mall of America for the Miss MN/Brooke Kilgarriff CD release/holiday concert. We got to invite a group of Gillette families to a pre-party before the show. Booke is absolutely lovely, not to mention she is a wonderful singer. - Check out here CD HERE. Proceeds from sales benefit Children's Miracle Network/Gillette.

While I was working, Mark took the kids to Martin Huwe's 3rd Birthday Party.

Sunday Evening - We began to decorate the tree! After hanging a ball or two, Marly ran to her room and decided her step stool would be helpful. What a smarty! Love the stiped leggings with striped shirt Marly! What happened to your polka dotted sweater....

Mark and I decided on a red decorating theme with white accents for our kitchen/living area. The tree skirt is a $1.99 Good Will purchase. It was one red thing I didn't already have. It still had the Target tag on it (it is a cheap one, it was only like $5.99 anyway). Getting tired of thirt store mentons yet? I dragged Mark and the kids there on Saturday when we bought the tree, because I saw the skirts there on an earlier visit, but hadn't purchased it.

I think Dean got in a tussle a cat or a kid or something at the birthday party... Also, I swear we always comb Marly's hair... but it always seems to look mussy! More product perhaps?

Look at our Twinners! I think Dean may now have even more then 2 inches on Marly???

Tuesday - Pretty much the last of the Thanksgiving left overs are in my lunch for work. My turkey carcuss is in a trash bag in the freezer. I hope (with Toot's help, or advice, or information) to make some turkey soup with it down the road... but I didn't think to save the neck or gizzards and there is no more left over turkey... so it may not be possible.

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