Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Photo Review

Better late then never - a condensed photo montage of our Christmas. I will admit this is a relatively uncreative, blog-bla representation of our holiday, but better then nothing.

So, where is there a single holiday family photo of the Thomberg 4? There isn't one. We forgot!

How about one of Marly and Dean all cutsie in their Christmas ensembles in front of the tree or fire place? Yup - No photo. My goodness! You can't see it, but Marly has on little leg warmers with her GAP dress that match Dean's sweater. (Yes, I am the mommy to Twins who still attempts to coordinate them from time to time, and still dresses them simultaneously in the same brands.)

Here is what we do have (minus a LOT of photos of the Twinners opening gifts)...

Eating our wings and ribs dinner (along with cheese curds and jalapeno poppers) after church at home on Christmas Eve (since we did not travel to Jan's due to the weather). I am chuckling as I type. It doesn't look all that appetizing because it wasn't, but it will make for good story in the year's to come.

Christmas Morning - Santa left the kid's gifts downstairs by the fire place where he naturally entered via the roof. Of course we had left him some snacks the night before on the kiddy table nearby - Chex Mix and carmel corn for Santa, spinach for the reindeer, and a glass of red wine to keep the big man jolly (...oops, Mommy drank the wine!)

Out of order, but we are dressed and ready to head to Kelly and Pat's for Christmas dinner.

Marly opening a gift. Santa's wife must do his wrapping (Dayton's seam-less of course! Once you are taught to gift wrap to the department store specs in customer service by a 70-year-old named Eda, you can NEVER go back.)

Toys... Actually, Marly and Dean still don't really grasp Christmas morning. When they got up, they wanted to watch PBS cartoons like most weekday morning for a little while, and I had to ask them several times to go and see if Santa brought them anything.

Ham dinner at Kelly and Pat's in Wyoming (which is the next town north of Forest Lake). Thank you Kelly for hosting your first family holiday for us! I recently used the last of the ham left overs in a breakfast frittata.

A favorite Christmas gift of Mark and mine. Pat went and snagged TWO YEARS worth of photos off the blog to make us the photo album of our lives. It is FANTASTIC. Of course I always say, "Someday I will make an album..." and never have. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH PAT!

Marly and Dean got these very special gifts from their Uncle Jeff!

Merry Christmas all. To those of you who blog, thank you for sharing your Christmas.


happygal said...

The photo album idea is so great! Love the photos, as always.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!


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