Friday, December 18, 2009

Another project complete

Saturday my immediate family will be coming over for our Holiday celebration. Of course I wanted to complete another project before they arrived - so here it is!

After the offer on our home was accepted, the Thomberg's took a trip to IKEA to get some design ideas for our new home. While there, Mark spotted these small frames, and recalled seeing something about creating a mural of mirrors on a wall. About $45 later we cruised away with 20 of these mirrors which we planned to place on our north dining room wall (once we closed on the house of course). Ah yes, there is so much excitement before you actually have the home and the endless projects ahead of you.

Upon moving in, the 20 mirrors took residence in our upstairs hall closet for the summer. They were at least near the kitchen & dining area. Sometime this summer, Mark slapped some primer on some of them. You see they came in natural pine or red, but we wanted white. After completing the buffet, I was chomping at the bit (in my 6 free minutes of time in each day) to move on to the next decorating feat. So for the past week and half, after putting M&D to bed, I have been sitting on the kitchen floor with a craft paint brush in hand. Meanwhile, the dishes wait until 10:36 pm to be loaded into the dishwasher (when Mark gets testy at how noisy I can be, while he trys to get desperately needed sleep... and he is right...)

Three coats were needed. They were finally finished and dry on Monday. On the way home from work I purchased 3M Command Velcro fasteners, and was itching to hang those bad boys once the supper dishes were cleared. Before I could bark my protests, Mark slapped one mirror on the wall on the lower left side. After expressing my disdain for his lack of for site in measuring, he went downstairs. I set to work cutting out 15 newspaper templates and mapping out the wall.

Once I had it just right (and had Mark weigh in on the lay out), Mark and I began to adhere the Velcro and work our way down and up the wall.

And there you have it! We stood back to admire our results. Yes, we were pleased with the light bouncing off our 15 $2 each frames. (No we did not use all 20. I did break one. Dean also broke one when he decided to walk across my project one evening.)

For true disclosure, I will alert you the lower two on the far left fell down at about 9:57 pm. (Naturally, Mark and I had been too impatient to fully follow the instructions and allow the one side of the Velcro to set for 30 minutes before attaching to the wall.) I stuck them back up. Then they fell down again at 10:27. I added more Velcro. Then again at 11 pm. I added DUCT TAPE. They were on the floor in the morning. They are now firmly attached with additional removable mounting tabs. No other mirrors have dropped and they seem secure.

In case you are curious, these frames did not have a nail hole or brackets for hanging. They came with string and little round things you were suppose to screw in. Seriously!!??? But, for about $2 what can you ask for.

Even if they had taken nails... I think we would have went with the 3M Command method. Once we got the first one up, we used the level and a 2 inch strip of paper to space them, and we just worked our way down and up the wall, sticking as we went.

Do you think I can get some free product from 3M Command? I have now mentioned then in two seperate posts!

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happygal said...

It looks great, Andrea! I have no idea when you find the time!

Anonymous said...

Love it, A! You are becoming the how-to gal right before my eyes. I think the red and light blue are a wonderful color combination, too.

Brava, chica!

Angie and Family said...

Looks really nice, Andrea! Are they all still staying on the wall? I would never have thought to use Command velcro to hang frames!

britta said...

Of course it looks nice! Since when does anything not look nice in your house?!


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