Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Christmas Card

Every year Mark and I become obsessed with our Christmas card. It's our personal thing. We try to find just the right card design to match just the right photos. In past years, I may have been known to stop in at Target, Walgreens, Walmart, etc. checking out everyones background selections. For several years, I printed them on the machine at Archivers. Last year we had family photos in November and paid a rather pretty penny to get them printed from the photographer. This year, I mentioned we had family photos taken with Deitrick Gesk. He gives you a CD after the shoot, so we used Shutterfly. Deitrick's photos also graced our Christmas cards the year we got engaged, and the following year with our wedding photo. Two years in a row, our now brother-in-law Pat took our photos. One year I was showing off my very round belly, the next year the Twinners were in matching Land's End sweaters and hats. That card had blue and red snowflakes. The backround was a red barn and Mark had on a blue sweater in the same tone. You get the picture!

With out further ado, here is this year's card, printed through Shutterfly. Unlike the actual card you may have received in the mail, the colors are washed out. I never did figure out how to take the image off Shutterfly, but my cousin Laura kindly scanned and e mailed it to me.

As for a Christmas letter, I did not write one the past two years. Because I blog, I just didn't feel I had anything to say, even though I know my blog is not so interesting that many of my card recievers read. I may go back to a tradition letter in the years ahead. I do enjoy getting them!

Every year we put several copies of our Christmas card in our little fireproof safe box. They are treasures to us and we love to examine them all in each passing year.

To all of you who send us cards and photos, they are a blessing to recieve.

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Mary in MN said...

We've been keeping photo cards for years, and I'm planning on putting them in a scrapbook (the PicFolio from Creative Memories) so you can see the progression of our friends and family, it's so fun to look back over the years!


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