Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas with the Melberg's

This Saturday I had my family for our holiday gathering. Here is our pictorial review.

Let's start with the element Brett has deemed most important - a fine piece of red meat. I was chatting with Brett on the phone in the early afternoon and he said to make sure and take a 'before' photo.

I purchased my prime rib at a meat market/liquor store called Morelli's on Payne Avenue in St. Paul. This is neighborhood HOT SPOT know for the best liquor prices in all of the metro. It is kind of like taking a step back in time. I dropped in after work on Friday, and the place was packed with customers and staff. There is a police officer directing traffic in and out of the lot, they do NOT accept credit cards (I had my old school checkbook in hand), they do have coupons on line, and they offer carry out service. My co worker clued me in to their booming business. Her fiance is one of their liquor representatives. Saturday morning I had to run to our nearby Mills Fleet Farm to get a roasting pan with rack. I am sure we once had one, but I have no idea where it might have gone...They have EVERYTHING at Mills Fleet Farm!

Friday evening and Saturday morning I was wee bit anxious. How will I get everything done just right? I usually take my anxiety out on Mark, who remains calm. He knows I will get it all done. To combat my nerves, he decided the best thing he could do on Saturday morning was to take the kids and go run errands at Lowe's and etc. By 10:15 am I was calm again. Later in the day, Mark also cleaned, decorated, and set up the lower level while I cooked and worked on the upstairs. Everyone was dressed and waiting even before the guests arrived. There was plenty of time to pour ourselves a cocktail!

Here I am - proud to be cutting the meat, which I packed in a harb/salt paste many hours earlier.

While I was cutting, Chris was pouring champagne. What a lovely evening.

I served a sour cream horseradish sauce, fresh green beans drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with kosher salt, smashed red potatoes with fresh parsley and grated Parmesan cheese, and rosemary potato bread.

Gift opening. I served Poinsettia champagne cocktails (see flute with the reddish drink on the table on the right) made with Grand Marnier orange liquor, which I picked up for a great price while at Morelli's.

Mark playing with Marly's Dora camera that goes with her Dora book.

Tonka toys - we suspect Dean can play with them outside next summer when they get their swing set!

Of course Marly loves dollies! Brett and Dad named this one 'Inga'.

Below - Marly in dress up clothing she got as a gift from Nana and Papa.

Afterwards we returned upstairs for dessert. Rachel brought a chocolate cheese cake.

This year, like every year... I am thankful for my supportive, kind and loving family, who are near me and very, very dear all year round.


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