Monday, December 7, 2009

Favorite Trivial Holiday Things

I am feeling a bit UN-inspired today, but just felt a need to post... so I thought I would mention a few of my favorite TRIVIAL things this holiday season.... (because JESUS is the reason for the season, and I can still hear my mom telling me that X-mas takes the CHRIST right out of Christmas!).

Here is goes -

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day counter top spray cleaner & hand soap in Iowa Pine scent for the holidays! It smells like the most fresh cut Christmas tree, and it is on sale at Target. I do consider high end cleaners to be a luxury, so I am currently LOVING every time I clean up my counter tops or wash my hands. Mark encouraged me to buy it last weekend... he loves it as much as I do. I had to go back this week and buy more, because I wanted to give my girlfriend Jesse some for her birthday. I suspect I may indulge in another bottle of the spray before Christmas actually arrives. Seriously folks, I highly recommend you go and indulge yourself... just this once... you won't regret it. On line at Mrs. Meyer's they appear to have pretty good deals too.

The limited edition "Silver Screen" collection from LORAC make up with 2 blushs, 8 eye shadows, and lip gloss, out for the holiday season. I haven't invested in decent make up since before Marly and Dean were born. It is hard to justify the cost when I can get two for one at Walgreen's and add on clipped coupons... but the long and the short of it is the more expensive products often do have more pigment, and I often find myself somewhat unhappy with many of the things I buy at Walgreen's. This past weekend when running errands, I bopped into Ulta to pick up the item I had seen in their ad. Of course I had an additional $5 coupon, but OF COURSE it didn't apply to their prestige cosmetics! It was still a great deal at $30, and it is making me quite happy.
IKEA - Okay, not everything there is all it's chocked up to be... but I got red and white throw pillow covers for the holidays, and they look GREAT to enhance our red and white theme. The red ones were $4 each, and the white $6. And , for regular readers... you may recall I have a bit of an obsession with throw pillows! I also got off white rugs with red stripes for the kitchen. They were $2.99 each.

Shutterfly - Our Christmas cards arrived last Friday and they turned out awesome. I can't wait to get them out. I should be addressing right now instead of typing!

Bear Stays Up for Chritmas - Marly and Dean like the 'Bear Snores On' book, and this is the author's holiday take off her first book. I love reading it to Marly and Dean.

Really, I will ask that God make me less materialistic! But in all honesty, I am sure you all know what makes me most happy and my true FAVORITE this holiday season are the Twinners, and watching their delight at the tree, the lights, and so much more to come.

Take Care all and God Bless You!

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