Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Christmas Storm...

Well, tomorrow we are suppose to be driving home to Hector and back. We hope to attend the Christmas Eve service at 5 pm at First Lutheran, and go to my Aunt Jan's after. We hope to drive back that night. Laura has kindly offered us a place to stay should we want to come earlier, and her special consideration of her metro cousins (in law) is kindly appreciated.

On Christmas Day, we are suppose to be celebrating with Mark's family at noon at Kelly's.

In the mean time, with a forboding weather forcast looming, I am stocking the fridge and pantry with supplies to make lasagna, an egg bake, chex mix and carmel puff corn. I will probably pick up a small ham and the ingredients for those cheesy hash brown potatoes I love. Just in case...

God may have alternate holiday plans in mind for us Minnesotans. For once, I will try to just let it be what it will be. I will prepare. I will pack accordingly if we head west. But, I will desperately try not to worry too much about where or when in the next three days.

Truthfully, I have worried greatly and at length about what I have not done or accomplished for and with my family and children this holiday season (cookies, festivities, time with extended family, and so forth). Maybe the impending storm will be a message for me to take to heart.


Angie and Family said...

Just make sure that you bring your Santa presents with you EVERYWHERE on Christmas Eve in case you get snowed in. Santa is supposed to find kiddos wherever they are!

britta said...

If the storm prevents us from traveling to the cities...I will cry!

Merry Christmas and drive safe!


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