Monday, December 14, 2009

Breakfast with Santa

This Saturday we went to a 'Breakfast with Santa' at the 5-8 Club Bar and Grill near our home. The Lyon's cruised up to the north metro to join us in Champlin for our 10 am reservation only seating.

Dean was all smiles before we departed for our morning adventure...Mark got out the camera to get a few cute shots before we left the house. I think we knew what kind of photos we would encounter when we tried to place the kids on the lap of a strange man decked out in red later on.

Marly was not cooperating for the camera. Just prior, I had put pony tails in her hair, which she gets excited about. Yup... I have alerted her even at the ripe old age of 2 1/2 that beauty may be painful. Pony's requires some pulling, but I think she was just being a wee bit dramatic, and putting on quite on act proir to snapping the shutter. She always insists on seeing her hair in the mirror when I am done tugging and tieing.

Dean was not ready for a kiss from sis by our tree at home.

At the 5-8 Club - " Look kids, isn't this fun. Look at the nice man in red!"

" Dean, It's Santa. He wants to know if you want a present for Christmas.... "
Mom and Dad are smiling.

Sorry we neglected to snap any pictures of Vivi and the Lyon's family. Not sure how that happened.

The Santa event was generally well put on, and we suspect we will be back next year. They only seat as many families as tables, and there is plenty of time to sit with Santa and snap your own pictures. And honostly folks, what could be better then eggs and sausage, a bloody mary, and Santa all rolled into one family activity!


Laura said...

I can think of nothing better than vodka and Santa! Mike and I took Will on Sunday to Willmar, but there was a note that said, Santa had to stay home today and feed the reindeer. Maybe Santa had too much vodka the night before!?!?!

Jen Lyons said...

Let's do it again next year when i can have a bloody with you!

Hopefully our children will be happy to sit on Santa's lap by then! :-)


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