Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday after Christmas

Christmas has come and gone... and still no photos. I just don't have the patience this moment to download while the kids are napping. Actaully, I desperately want to catch just few minutes of rest myself. Afterall, this is my vacation time too. Honostly, I am typically too high strung to take a nap these days. I simply feel there are too many needs to attend to in my home, so even when I try, and can't relax enough to sleep.

Yesterday I hosted a play date for anyone who wasn't working. It was a delight to see my friend Molly with Charlie and Owen, Jenny with Vivi, and Gretch with the kids - and to have them for lunch. I really enjoyed getting time to talk with my gal pals while the kids played. Let's face it, having small children makes many of us feel a bit isolated, each in our own way, so I needed this time with them. Gretchen stayed overnight, so we got some real quality gab time too.

All is mellow today, but the kids still have snotty noises. I geared up the kids, pulled the sled up and down the street, and then we made snow angels. Mark would be happy to see me enjoying my precious time with my wee ones.

The Thomberg's still have no definite plans for tomorrow (New Year's Eve).

Wishing you all a SAFE New Year's Eve, whatever your plans.

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