Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Conclussion of Summer

Our summer concluded much the same way we started it on Memorial Day. We spent time as a foursome at our home this Labor Day... and it was a perfect, magical day.

The hours slipped by in the yard and on our patio, doing a little work and a lot of playing. NOT pictured - Me hosing, scrubbing and cleaning up our front side walk and cement drive.


Wild curls on little Miss Marly.

Me watching the sprinkler action with a glass of wine.

On our deck, we noshed on cheese and cut salami from Costco through out the day. When I gave Dean his own plate at their Little Tykes picnic table he said, "ohhhhh - Fancy!"

Soaking up the last of summer. Mark also hooked the hose to the laundry tub to fill the Twinner's kiddy pool with warm water.

Over the past few months, we have watched our Marly & Dean become best friends. Surely they have their own identities, but we relish and embrace their twin-ness and encourage the relationship.

We live on a quiet street heavily travelled by bikers, runners, and dog walkers. Our house is on a corner that dead ends in one direction to a caldesac, so everyone coming by skirts our yard on two sides. M & D like to greet the passers-by. Just the other day Marly was yelling, "HI-eeeeeeeee!" Then she decided to introduce herself, and of course her bro, in one breath while vigirously pointing, "Marly..... DEAN!"

After a steak supper (eaten on the patio like Memorial Day), Mark decided to a create a new holiday tradition for Labor Day resurrected from a childhood memory of his own - Sundays on a Monday!

Look above - we now have furniture upstairs. Accessories and decorating NOT complete.

After spending a GREAT day at home, can I just say again... we LOVE our neighborhood and our home. It has been a wonderful move for us.

Hope you all had a GREAT summer too!

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britta said...

Once again, you have cute kids!


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