Thursday, September 24, 2009

Home Improvement

Last weekend we decided to fore-go two party invitations and hang around town to work on home improvement projects. I always feel guilty skipping out on or declining invites, and feel angst for the fun happening without me, but we really had a productive weekend.

Straight away from church on Sunday we drove down to IKEA. After closely examining their catalog, we had several purchases in mind.

Potting the plants we purchased below was the kids' project...

Besides the trio of plants, we picked up the small white side table below and two chairs to add to the those we already had. We needed additional seating for our table, and simply wanted something that would mesh nicely with the four we owned.

We put together our three big purchases while the kids napped. We barely even fought, so clearly it wasn't very difficult. Once the kids woke, we potted the plants.

We also got drapes for our living/dining room windows. Only $9.95 for two panels, but I still need to hem them with the fabric tape. We are on the hunt for the perfect, affordable throw pillow to tie everything together. It is best not to tabulate how many Mark and I together (and while shopping individually) have bought and returned on our quest. Today I picked up two at TX Maxx. Maybe... just maybe... they will make the cut.

The blue throw pillow above was on clearance at Walmart for $4.95 cents. So far, they have NOT been returned, mostly because they make a good filler at less then five bucks each (versus the $35 ones I see and love, but choke on the cost). Please note this is all an ongoing work in progress.

Mark installed a new outdoor light on our patio, similar to the one out front. I wish I had snapped a photo of the ugly, small, dated, cracked light we replaced. I am terribly dissappointed at the expenditure for the fixture, because Costco carries a model for $27, but it just isn't quite the right style.

Painting continues on the doors and molding in the lower level. The door knobs have also been removed. Upstairs we have pewter toned handles. Downstairs, the original brassy knobs remained. We have a long way to go...

But... we have come a long way too... (closing day photos)...

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