Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ramblings on Wednesday!

Yesterday my co-worker Becky and I went on a bit of a CMN sponsor visit tour of the metro. First we headed to the St. Louis Park Costco. They were donating a gift card so I could purchase an auction item for a fundraising event being hosted at a national DQ conference. We picked up the card, said our hello's, exchanged updates, and purchased the new IPOD Nano.

(And while there, we perused the merchandise, munched on a few samples, and I made a personal purchase of the kids' Halloween costumes. They were $9.99 each and a very nice quality. I could not buy costumes on E-bay for $9.99. I have checked. I would have liked to create something on my own, but even supplies at JoAnne Fabrics and some sort of sweatshirt or plan colored shirt and pant to go along with the supplies to create a lion or cat or something is more then $9.99. I wish I had the time to create... but I probably realistically don't. Plus... we need to get the kid's shoes for fall/winter, as they can't keep wearing sandals. Stride Rite wear well, but cost a lot more then $9.99 and they wear them every day for months, not one day. I need to be practical. I have to be practical...)

Next, Becky and I dropped off the Nano at the DQ headquarters .

(And while there, I ate a complimentary Dilly Bar from their cooler in the lobby for visitors. That is what it is there for! The wonderful lady at the reception desk offers me one every time I visit, and I almost never take her up on the offer.)

Finally we cruised along 494 to the Bloomington Walmart. The store just opened two weeks ago and we wanted to say hello to the managers.

(And while there, Becky picked up a bag of frozen shrimp. She was overwhelmed by the great deal. I picked up Halloween window clings for the kids.).

That concluded our sponsor visits for Tuesday, and we headed back to office!

(In case you are wondering, it is a big part of our job to visit our sponsors and make social calls to them. We also like our sponsors to know we support them not only for work, but choose to support them in our personal lives as well... so please don't think I am just goofing off on the clock. For us to know our sponsors well, we do need spend time at their business. Plus... we are women, and we multitask... and we were already there. It would be silly not to pick up what we need.)

Marly and Dean putting the Halloween window gel clings on the patio door in our kitchen.
(We are very happy with this Anderson door we had installed along with our front door. The old one was a rickety, single pane, non-safety glass French door. It leads to our patio. We were in constant fear the kids were going to push their hand right through the old door...)

Marly and Dean ripping their window clings to shreds a short time later.


(Marly and Dean tried on their costumes when I got home from work. Marly didn't want to take hers off. To get her to cooperate, Mark let her put on her favorite tulle skirt. Dean just decided he was done with pants for the day.)

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Nicole Mages said...

I WISH we had a COSTCO around here! I have been looking for a costume for Allison and they are ridiculously expensive for something she will wear 1x! 9.99 is GREAT! I am definitely not creative enough to come up with a costume of my own! Can't wait to see the pics!!


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