Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall is HERE!

Hope everyone is enjoying this CRISP, rather blustery Monday! Yes Cindy - Summer is now official gone!

It is one of those days I would like to be curled up on my couch with a good book and a cup of coffee, watching the leaves fall outside our windows, with the Twinner's happily played with each other at the foot of the couch. In my dream world, there would be some warm baked goods too.

Yeah right - In all actuality... I don't bake. I would get to read only a few paragraphs, then end up spilling my coffee, and then Marly and Dean would get bored with their puzzles and crayons, and I would try and ignore them for a few more minutes, and then I would head to the kitchen for a rag for the coffee, while Dean would start to color on the wall, and then I would need to find the Magic Eraser, and then Marly and Dean would get in a tussle....and both would start to cry.... oh.. and then I would realize someone needs to rack all those leaves!!!

: ) smile


Wishing all of the farmers a safe, successful and bountiful harvest.

Other random tidbits. Today we broke out the long sleeve shirts. Marly and Dean have on 2T Gap shirts they wore at their birthday last year, and they are still plenty big. Marly has on GAP Jean's in 18-24 months and they fit just fine. I often buy two of the same, so they are actually boy jeans. Dean's are too short... and STILL too big in the waste. He has on 2T jean's from Gymboree with the button adjustable waste. VIOLA!. I know Marly's 2T jeans are most likely going to be WAY TOO LONG! Good thing she can have Dean's other pair from GAP. I desperately need to find the box of kid's clothes that has whatever the kids wore last winter. I know there are shirts, etc. that will still fit... or maybe it is in a drawer right now that Nanny Auntie Kelly organized that I haven't looked at all summer because it was all long sleeves...

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