Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me! Monday...

I enjoy lurking on a wide variety of blogs, including a woman named McMama. She is a mom to 4 and a photographer and blogger by trade. She has quite a following. Every Monday, she has a 'Not Me! Monday' post. Thousands of followers add their two cents.

Here is my two cent confession for Monday.

I most certainly did NOT lose site and sound of one of my Twinners last night right before starting bath time, while I was assisting second Twinner on the potty chair. I most certainly did NOT leave the second Twinner unattended while searching for the first naked Twinner. I most certainly did NOT run circles upstairs and downstairs in my home shouting the name of the first Twinner loud enough for individuals who might pass by outside to hear. I most certainly did NOT frantically peer out the windows still shouting, before frantically running outside. I most certainly did NOT circle the outside of the house only to find the first Twinner outside, naked, and playing on the small hill adjacent to the NEIGHBOR's garage (just a few feet from my own home). I most certainly was NOT chuckling when I scooped up my precious little Deaner, who was happy as a naked clam when I found him (wait.. aren't all clams always naked...). This most certainly did NOT happen before 7 PM when it was still light outside, so any of my suburban neighbors who might have been outside could see my skinny naked jay bird.


Nope, Mark was NOT at Super Walmart at the time of the above occurance purchasing yogurt, fruit, milk (oh.. and curtian rods), because NO we did NOT run out of both skim and 2% milk, so that our kids only had water to drink most of Sunday.

Do you have any confessions to share. PLEASE feel free to post a comment with me! By the way, ...Please don't turn me in to Child Protection either!


Anonymous said...

We had a great weekend with special activities - My confession is that we stayed out way too late for old folks two nights in a row! Felt young again hours after our usual curfew passed........So tired on Sunday, but it was worth every late minute (it was actually hours)!! Joey

Jenilee said...

I have never ran out of milk and given my girls juice instead. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I'm not the mom who makes EasyMac for the 2-year-old-who-shall-remain-nameless while I eat popcorn for dinner. Yep, not me!

LAM said...

I would never bring in my child's giant red plastic coup car and let him ride around inside the house! Who would even consider such a thing?!?!? Not me! :)


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