Friday, September 11, 2009

Plain Jane Thursday Photos in the Digital Age

The beauty of the digital age is the ability to take TOO MANY photos at any moment in time with no real cost to the person behind the lens. The beauty of the blogging age is the ability to share these photos and expound upon them with no real purpose (beside providing myself an opportunity to write and record).

Hey... if your not interested - click to another site! Probably someone else blogged something more interesting about Thursday.

The U of M has just unveiled their new apple hybrid, which is a combo of the famous Honey Crisp and the Zestar. The new apple is called the Sweet Tango. It was available for purchase on Thursday at select upscale Minnesota grocers. Mark is now overseeing management of the Lunds Caribou at 50th and France, so he picked up a sampling of the delicious fruit while visiting this site. It is quite tart and very crisp. All of the Thomberg's give the apple two thumbs up.

Man... the Twinners are a bit dirty at day's end! I did daycare pick up and drop off Thurday, which is rare. I arrived home just after 4 pm, so I had a little time to do some digging in the back yard. The kids assisted. Typically, I do the drop off just after 8 am, and Mark does the pick up before 4 pm, but Mark had a double day on Thursday.

Not related to the apples, here are two of the neighbor kids - Alera and Michael. Dean saw them from the patio and immediately wanted to go say 'Hi' to his buddy Michael. They are great kids and so very polite. This was their third day of school. The bus picks up Alera (along with the other middle school kids) right on our corner as we are heading to daycare, so the Twinners see the whole neighborhood slew every morning when we load the car.

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